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A guide to help you get started using SafeKeeperCloud

It's important for us to know our users are able to use our services, so we decided to try create this guide, hope you like it.

Jove Dahle · March 14, 2018

01. Requirements

First of all, you will need to have registered, if you havn't done that you can do it here. Now you will need to download the application from here

02. Token

First we need to get you your token, this is found on your account page.

Navigate to your Account.

Generate token.

Click the Get Token button to generate your own Token.

New button!

Now you will have a button that says "Show Token" click it.

03. Token!

Now you can see your token, click the Copy button or just Copy it. If you ever need to reset the token, etc someone else have seen it, click the Generate new token buttin.

04. Program

Now that you have a token, and you have the program we can start with the fun! Start by clicking the settings button in SafeKeeperCloud.

05. The box!

A yes, the box! Add your token to the text area, and click check. If any issues occurs let us know asap!

06. Now you need to add your friend.

You have to go to this page and search up your friend and click "Send friend request". Proceed to next step after your friend has accepted your request. (He should have received a email where he clicks the link and clicks the "accept" button.)

07. Request permission from your friend.

You have to go to this page click on the request button next to the user you want to add to your list. Your friend will need to go to the same page and follow the steps below.

08. Accept request.

Your friend can now click the button next to the your username to accept the request.

09. Add to your list.

Now you can click the add button next to your friend to add him to your list.

10. Add a custom IP to your list.

Simple, add the IP add a name (not required) and click add. Vola.

What are you waiting on?

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