DigitalArc Beta.


Guardian is a simple firewall that can keep your session safe, it's the reworked safekeeper.

Have some problems?

Check our database below, if you can't find your issue, please contact us


You navigate the app with the arrow keys on your keyboard and enter to select.

In a select menu you use space to mark and enter to continue.

How do I activate the cloud feature?

  1. In the top right corner click your username
  2. My account
  3. Show token / Get token
  4. Copy this token
  5. Open guardian
  6. Navigate to token
  7. Right click paste
  8. Enter
  9. Cloud is activated
  10. Restart to sync your IP

How do I use the solo lobby?

  1. Start Guardian
  2. Navigate to solo session
  3. Press enter
  4. CTRL + C to exit

How do I use the whitelist lobby?

Make sure you have activated guardian cloud.

Make sure you are friend with your friend on our website

Request permission from your friend:

  1. Go to lists
  2. Cloud
  3. Request permission

Have your friend accept it.

When you have requested permission from your friend and your friend has accepted it

Enable your friend:

  1. Go to Lists
  2. Cloud
  3. Select
  4. Navigate to your friend(s)
  5. Press space to select them (white dot should appear)
  6. When you have selected all your friends press enter and you are ready.

Force a new session with "New session" then use "Whitelisted session" and "CTRL + C" to exit.

I can't find the manage page for this?

Correct, that's no longer needed. Everything is done using the program, you can find the permissions under lists > cloud > permission.

How do I update it?

Delete everything and keep the data.json file, this is the "storage" file for the program. Then just take the new one and add it to the folder.

Can't see my friends in the cloud list

Your friend have probably not synced his IP with guardian or you have not gotten permission from him.

My select menu has broken characters

You are probably running a older Windows 7 machine. You could try to update to the latest version and see if that fixes it, if not I'm sorry nothing we can do right now, but please let us know.

My friends get kicked in the whitelisted session

  • You have not enabled your friend
  • You don't have the correct IP for your friend
  • You are not the host of the session