DigitalArc Beta.


Download now v1.0.2a1


This is the Cloud version of the well known SafeKeeper. You can now enjoy playing with your friends with the ease of use due to the list getting synced with the database, all your friends have to do is register and use the program.

Have some problems?

Check our database below, if you can't find your issue, please contact us

How do I use the solo lobby?

  1. Start it as Administrator.
  2. Click enable on the solo lobby area.
  3. To disable click disable.

How do I create a new solo session?

Click "New session" this will kick yourself from the current session and set you as host of the new one. takes 15 sec and up to 20 sec to take effect.

How do I kick unwanted players from my session?

Click "Kick unknowns" this will kick everyone that's not on your whitelist from your session. takes 15 sec and up to 20 sec to take effect.

How do I use the whitelist function on the program?

  1. Start it as Administrator.
  2. Click enable on the whitelist area.
  3. To disable click disable.

How do I add or remove friends or IP's from my whitelist?

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to the manage page
  3. Add or remove your friends by clicking the buttons under them, Note, currently the page is a bit wonky, please refresh the page when you are done to see the effect.
  4. To add a IP write in your IP in it's designated area and click add.
  5. To remove a IP click on the button under it.
  6. Click the refresh button in the program.

Where do I start?

First of all you will need a token. To get this you have to navigate to your account.

Here you will find a button for the token, click it, now show your token. This is your token, Never share it!

Put this into the program and you are all set.

Encounter any issues down the road, let us know and we will assist.

Need a guide?

Np! We created one! view our guide to SafeKeeperCloud here

Can I get banned for using this?

No. This program does not touch the game files at all, it only uses your firewall. Note, we do not take responsibility if you get banned for any reason.

We are both on the same network.

For players playing on the same network you have to add their local IP address instead, to do this please do the following on your friend's computer:

  1. Press WIN + R
  2. type "cmd"
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Type "ipconfig"
  5. Press ENTER
  6. Look for the network card you are using (In most cases just "Ethernet or something with wireless")
  7. Then it will say something like "IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :" (this could be anything) The IP you got from that is what the HOST adds to the IP field in the manager. If this did not work please contact us at our discord and we will assist.

I don't have administrator rights.

We are sorry, but this program only works with administrator rights. We are hard at work researching for a good way to solve this issue.